About Our School Policies

Our extensive School Policies comply with legal and regulatory requirements and cover most of the school’s policy needs from admissions to assessments. The policies were drafted by one of the top education law professors in the country and endorsed by a renowned international education law specialist in the USA.
Prof. Marius Smit
FutureLearn recognises that schools (public and independent) need comprehensive policies if they are to function effectively and comply with the required standards of quality and levels of accountability. We also realise that every policy is accompanied by particular legal and regulatory requirements which must be adhered to and necessitate legal expertise.

Prof. Marius Smit from the Faculty of Education Sciences of the North-West University took on the immense task of drafting these policies for schools on behalf of FutureLearn. Prof. Smit, who lectures in Education Law, is a qualified attorney with a B.Com (University of Johannesburg), LLB (Stellenbosch University), DNatCo (Technikon SA), LLM (University of South Africa), PGCE (North-West University) and a PhD (North-West University).

Prof. Smit’s legal background in practice and academics, as well as his experience as a teacher, an NRF-rated researcher, prolific author of articles and chapters on education law was put to excellent use. School governance is vested in the school governing body (SGB) and Prof. Smit is a member of several SGBs. He used this knowledge, along with his legal counsel to schools and membership of the National Executive Council of the South African Education Law Association, to draft policies that define processes and support staff.

Renowned education law specialist, Prof. Charles Russo, from the University of Dayton, Ohio has endorsed our policies from a quality perspective and Prof. Smit is convinced that these policies will be an asset to every SGB and school.